Farmworkers are dying in extreme heat. Few standards exist to protect them

As he neared the end of his shift July 29 on a hops field in Washington’s Yakima County, Florencio Gueta-Vargas collapsed. That day, temperatures would reach triple digits. When he didn’t return home, his family went searching at the field where he worked; a relative told them that the truck he drove was still at the farm’s main office. That’s where a sheriff’s deputy told the family Gueta-Vargas had died. Gueta-Vargas, 69, had not been taken to the hospital, but instead directly to a local mor

Attorney General's Office indicts Customs and Border Protection officer on seven felonies

Attorney General Mark Brnovich announced Friday that a state grand jury has indicted U.S. Customs and Border Protection officer Elizabeth Landeros with seven felony charges. The indictment alleges that Landeros used various law enforcement databases that have access to border crossing history to search for a child her son was accused of raping in June 2018. She's alleged to have used the information she found in the databases to pressure her son's victim to recant the allegations. Landeros' s

Group outside Phoenix ICE office protests alleged unwanted hysterectomies for migrants

A group of more than 20 people gathered in front of the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement building Sunday to speak out against the agency's practices in detention centers — most recently the alleged forced sterilization of women. The Department of Homeland Security announced last week it is looking into a whistleblower complaint that claimed federal immigration detainees in Georgia underwent unnecessary gynecological surgeries — including full hysterectomies — without their consent. "Wi

Virus may bring greater medical and financial risks for undocumented

It’s been a month since Juana stopped taking her key medication to treat the chronic vascular disease that attacks her immune system and debilitates her blood vessels. She has had three heart attacks in the past eight years. Without the medication, Juana said it’s only a matter of time before her symptoms — burning sensations in her legs and feet, severe fatigue and difficulty walking — come back. Without treatment, she could eventually suffer organ failure and die. Juana, who asked that her l

Una crisis diferente en la frontera

En Imperial Beach, California, Naco y Nogales en Arizona y en comunidades a lo largo del río Grande en Texas — los residentes tienen un desafío en común: La lluvia ocasiona problemas. Y muchas veces, después de que llueve, apesta. La causa de esto es una red anticuada de tuberías y plantas de tratamiento de aguas residuales que conectan a comunidades de México con Estados Unidos. Cuando llueve, los sistemas de tubería para aguas residuales en México se saturan con agua pluvial. Las tuberías pueden fracturarse y derramar aguas negras de ambos lados de la frontera. Esto no solo ocasiona un olor pútrido sino también riesgos para el medio ambiente y la salud pública...

Sewage is the real border crisis for many border towns and cities

People who live in Imperial Beach, California, in Naco and Nogales in Arizona and in Texas communities along the Rio Grande all say the same thing: When it rains, it stinks. The reason is a failing, aging network of pipes and wastewater treatment plants that run from Mexico into each of these communities. When heavy rains fall, the pipes often break and spill raw sewage on both sides of the border, causing not only a putrid odor but public health and environmental concerns...

Smartphones, internet access are key tools of Venezuelan refugees

‘The cellphone does everything’: Smartphones, internet access are key tools of 21st century migration LIMA, Peru – Many of the more than 700,000 Venezuelans who have fled to Peru have arrived with next to nothing: a backpack, perhaps, carrying a toothbrush, a change of clothes and, most important, a cellphone. For most, their phones are lifelines. “The Venezuelan has broken, has finished with that old adage that the best friend of man is the dog. For a Venezuelan, his best friend is the cellphone...

Untold Arizona: Colonia Of Rillito 'A Forgotten Town'

The first thing you see is a beautiful, well-kept park, but the first thing you notice is the crumbling road as your car jolts hitting one of the many potholes in the streets of Rillito. A large number of the homes are abandoned and the streets are littered with trash. “Rillito’s a good town, but it’s a forgotten town. It’s a good community. But if you on the freeway and you blink, and you driving by, you miss it,” said Robert Brown, a lifelong resident of Rillito, Arizona. The community is adjacent to...

Influx of migrants dropped off by ICE has churches, faith groups near breaking point

Influx of migrants dropped off by ICE has churches, faith groups near breaking point TOLLESON – The number of migrants dropped off at Revolution Church in Tolleson has nearly doubled since last December, Pastor Raul Salgado estimates. Migrants are being dropped off by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement after they have applied for asylum and are waiting for their cases to be heard. They usually stay two or three days while Salgado and church volunteers help them find more permanent housin

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