More than police: How the school-to-prison pipeline really works

The school-to-prison pipeline has been talked about for decades. Harsher punishments in the name of school safety push kids out of schools and into detention centers and prisons. And, police are only part of the problem. (Written and narrated by Chloe Jones, produced by Brody Ford, Chloe Jones and Gabriela Szymanowska, additional reporting from Daja Henry and Patrick Linehan)

First of the first responders

Lauren Pacimeo has been a Phoenix Fire Department 911 dispatcher and operator for 18 years. With 18 years to go until she can retire, she is unsure if staying in the only job she's known is worth the trauma. She used her sick leave to go to PTSD therapy and will likely have to use her vacation time for more. (Produced by Chloe Jones, additional reporting from Anne Mickey and Audrey Jensen)


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